1:6 Boba Fett 3d resin statue kit


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Been working on this guy for a few weeks possibly months now. The resin print was very well done by Galacticarmory. I decided to do no modifications on it and leave it as is as I just got tired of it lol (I was debating making the head swivel, redo the range finder stock as it's too thick, and possibly change the angle of his left arm)

The statue was lightly sanded then primed and painted. I tried to get a good balance of Boba's 'repainted' look but still lightly scuffed up look as well as some nice hues and depth in the armor. Weathering was done with washes, oils and pastels. The decals were custom created by me, as I have a stash of various scales for Boba saved up. Everything sealed and knocked back a bit with steel wool. I used some quick reference but this not 'scratch for scratch' replicated from the show, and I just did what looked good to me. If I have the energy I might do something with the base, but I need a breather for now lol

Hope you all enjoy! Here's a few WIP pics and the final result:

Screenshot_20220215-150245_1.png Screenshot_20220215-150236_1.png
IMG_20220127_205406341_HDR.jpg IMG_20220123_205904200.jpg
IMG_20220201_001829552_HDR.jpg 20220215_140633.jpg
20220215_140448.jpg 20220215_140433.jpg
20220215_140353.jpg 20220215_140305.jpg
20220215_140244.jpg 20220215_140049.jpg

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