1/6 Blade Runner (2019) figures


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I've just recently finished the last (for now) in a set of 1/6th scale figures from the original Blade Runner movie.

I've had the Deckard figure for years. He's an old vinyl figure, made by a company called Phantom. There's a fair bit of work needed to make a decent final product, to be honest, with his proportions being a bit 'off', his jacket not present at all, and a very poorly cast and inaccurate white metal cast blaster. Also, the original head bears hardly any likeness to Harrison Ford. Still, it's not that bad, and for a long time it was the only Blade Runner figure I had.

Then I acquired a 3D resin printer, and in my search for STL files to print, discovered not only a number of nice blasters (including one that was all in one piece) but also couple of excellent figures of Pris and Rachel by Jorge Rahab on CGTrader. I printed a replacement blaster at 1/6th scale for Deckard, and also printed, assembled and painted the two figures. Later, Jorge Rahab also produced an equally good figure of Roy Batty, so he joined the collection. Finally, I found an STL bust of Deckard which wasn't too bad a likeness, and managed to slice it, resize it and print just the head to replace the original head on the old Deckard figure.

It's taken me ages to finish painting Batty, and then to paint Deckard's new head. To be honest, despite my best efforts, he's not quite as good a likeness as the others... my eyes aren't what they were and I struggle with really fine details now. But it's a heck of a lot better than the original, and I now have Deckard and three of the replicants in the Blade Runner collection. I think they came out pretty well all things considered. I'm hoping that Jorge might sculpt Leon and Zhora at some time... maybe even Gaff or Sebastian too.

E546EDA6-513B-404C-9AB5-D13A6F291086.jpeg A2F526D5-305D-4200-A31B-F3B4B66C60BC.jpeg 6AB7A6E4-1F26-437E-AA30-CDDD34BEDAFA.jpeg 266E034A-95A0-4154-8BAE-E00D62C47C35.jpeg 160AFCE9-717C-4BDC-A280-27D5B1F13106.jpeg
D1904D1F-FA32-408C-A464-E49F799AD962.jpeg 05D1395F-1654-402E-A5E7-EF18AC616B47.jpeg 7804FBD3-CFC0-455C-BE64-3625229CC54B.jpeg CDEA6B9F-950A-47BE-9A83-5F32188BB43A.jpeg 5D7C0467-172D-47D1-994C-0E5ACCE79CFB.jpeg
48CB6C9A-2D3E-45A7-972D-315544BFDC4E.jpeg A86F4248-8FE2-492F-9F23-48F4ED887D6B.jpeg CF94FE64-06B9-4B8B-8BE3-FA656ED8405F.jpeg DF1F804B-12E2-41BE-9ACF-4A1B10AE6E56.jpeg 5275874F-10D2-42D9-9DC4-84CD205444EB.jpeg
1701E118-AB52-4A5E-8688-E3C696A97BE2.jpeg 687058E7-678D-4CE1-943A-8D5BF9F18ED5.jpeg 729BD6BC-39F6-438A-9AF3-18A74FBD5138.jpeg 1C0FCA97-B879-4A28-A90F-C55E3C7835E4.jpeg 6C9AD3F1-D76C-4B14-B51C-B53101095AE3.jpeg
F3D8F6EE-014B-435B-8585-1B377198752F.jpeg 09CC04B7-192E-4582-853F-5B0F77190E91.jpeg C899527B-0560-479D-8A5F-26DACA036996.jpeg


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your paint work looks great mate.pris and roy look the best. i get what you mean about deckards head,i have a phantom figure.i bought it years ago and never made it.the head on it looks to skinny.i chickened out on making it because there is no way i have the skill to finish it any way as good as you have.your paintwork is spot on.(y)

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