1/48 scale Spektr-RG satellite


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after a long break I finally finished a new real-space themed model. It is the Spektr-RG satellite, an X-Ray observatory which was launched a few weeks back. I was extremely keen on having a model of it since I was performing science simulations for the German instrument eROSITA, which is one of the two instruments on board, for my Bachelor's and PhD theses.

The model was almost completely 3d-printed on my Anycubic Photon printer at 50µm z-resolution. I didn't fill any print lines except with a coat of Citadell primer, which took care about the lines in most areas. The 3D-model was constructed in Rhino 3D using screenshots of the original CAD model as a reference. The wrinkly foil was sculpted in Blender as I wanted more control over the wrinkles than what you get by using aluminum foil in such a small scale.
20190824_184325.jpg 20190825_182430.jpg 20190828_061826.jpg 20190829_203905.jpg

The most nerve-wrecking part were the solar arrays. It was difficult to get them sturdy enough not to droop over time, so I soldered brass profiles for the hinges (using 3d-printed jigs). The construction is on the edge of stability and I already had to re-solder one of them, but I don't like to have clumpy support on these delicate constructions. You really understand that they are not made to be extended on ground!

I hope you like the pictures even if it's not sci-fi!
IMG_7915.JPG IMG_7914.JPG IMG_7921.JPG IMG_7920.JPG IMG_7919.JPG IMG_7918.JPG IMG_7917.JPG IMG_7930.JPG IMG_7931.JPG

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