1/4" vs 1/2" EVA foam


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I'm starting my first project made from foam (Star-Lord mask of course!) and I'm wondering since I'm completely new to this, would I be better off starting with 1/4" foam, at least until I have some experience manipulating it? Or would it be better to just go with 1/2"? I searched the forum to see if this question had been brought up by other first timers and I didn't see a similar thread. So I apologize if I'm rehashing a previous discussion. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


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I would say 1/4 inch. I made my Iron man suit from it, and it's easy to work with. Half inch would be stiffer. Also you can use thin foam like 2mm for details or skinning over the top.


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1/4" or thinner is the way to go with helmets. 1/2" will get way to bulky and you will lose alot of detail. I use a combo of 5mm and 3mm and it works out great for most parts.


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Cool, thanks guys. I found 1/4" foam for about 40 cents per square foot at a local shop and got a good sized roll. I appreciate the advice!
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