1/4 Scale Aliens Power Loader


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Hey everyone... I've been working with some industry friends on a 1/4 scale Aliens Power Loader. It's been extensively researched and is being modeled in Rhino. We should hopefully be growing the first of the RPT parts in the next month or so (as our schedules permit). Assuming no problems/issues, these would be set up as our masters. Obviously, at this scale (2 feet + tall), it's a lot of work and a lot of resin.

This was started primarily as a joint personal project, but it has been suggested by a number of people to make a limited run kit out of it. Just wondering if the interest is there. I don't really know what a kit would run price-wise yet (or if we will even do it) since the materials cost and such hasn't been established / finalized. I guess it would depend on how much interest there is.

If it seems that there is some interest, I'll post pics of it once some parts are out.

Feedback anybody?.?. Thanks...


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I'm very interested too. However... at that scale you really could get away with vaccuum foming the large parts for the loader. That is how the full sized one was done. At the very least you could have the parts roto cast from and outside vendor.

But a 1/4 scale Loader is a "Grail" item for a lot of people like me.

I love Rhino by the way. You know a CNC router or mill might be a more cost effective process. It will make better looking parts too. But if you can get parts pro-bono then do it that way.


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Thanks for the feedback you guys.

Well the plan at the moment is to resin coat and foam fill larger pieces to keep the costs (and weight) as low as possible while still maintaining casting quality that won't be there with vacu-forms.

As for the RPT, we have all the equipment at my business, so it will essentially be at cost... We also have a full CNC machine shop, so again, at cost...

We just don't want to deal with the expense of making nice molds and such if the interest doesn't warrant it... That's the point of this thread...

Thanks again-


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Another option is to RPT your parts with a wall thickness. Just something to consider. I find that the cost of rubber is less than the hassle of hand work in "trick" casting.

But that's just me. I value my internet time. So I want to pour and walk away. ;)


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I'll buy. hopefully it would be under 2 g's.
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@Aug 11 2005, 03:48 PM

Have you seen this one?  It 1/8" scale (15" high).


Yes, I have. They're doing a very nice job with the patterns from the pics I have seen. Thanks for the feedback everyone. (Sergio - No worries... If we do it, we'll save one for you.. :) )
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