1:4 AT-AT... incredible


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Originally posted by DarthWillie@Feb 5 2006, 05:19 PM
:eek  So happy I didn't see this before.

Hi honey, you'll never believe what I bought today. Now we'll always have shadow in the garden  :D

can you imagine that being your playhouse as a kid???

wish someone would do a 1:1 :p

man can you imagine if just one of us wierdos had bill gates money???

id be hiring all kinds of engineers to make a fully working 1:1 fully armored AT AT, then the govt. would really be breathing down your neck.

id take it to a 3rd world country just to watch people faint as it walked through the desert...

is that wrong to want?

SSRN Seaview

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The problem with large replicas like this is unless you have the space / room for it. The novelty soon wears off and your trippin' over it or the better half is yelling about throwing it out. Then the realization hits, that there are very few individuals who would be willing to pay shipping if they bought it. What is initially a dream could turn into a nightmare.

Darth Kahnt

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My wife would blow her lid if I bought something like that..... not to say I wouldnt want to have it. Very nicely done but as someone else already said I'm sure the novelty would wear off rather quickly.


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and guys, guess what... i live 20 minutes away from mönchengladbach where mr. AT-AT will be in a few weeks...
at least i hope so, because one of the members lives in mönchengladbach and he is doing the "FILMSTUDIO" lifesize exhibition for some time now...