1:350 TOS USS Enterprise NCC-1701


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Starting work on the 1:350 TOS Enterprise.

I frosted the outsides of both the inner and outer Bussard domes, and the insides of the bridge and sensor domes. The inner Bussard domes have the strips from the Aztec Dummy window masking set. I also put white styrene discs inside the saucer domes to give more of a diffused glow. I'm not using the optional visible bridge or hangar bay details, but I will be attempting to light the model.

After I finished working on the domes, I added the pylon reinforcement parts #53 and #54 inside the secondary hull. Also put everything together for a test fit to see how it looks so far. I'm still collecting other items I need for the build. I have the photo-etch for the engine grills and pylon vents, and the window masking set. I haven't yet decided on the lighting I will use, but if I don't use the Polar Lights set, I'll need to find a clear version of parts #27 & #28 somewhere else.



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This must be the newer release.. I ones I own came with a choice of white,clear& black parts for the Windows& such


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I sprayed the insides of the outer Bussard domes with Krylon Sea Glass Amber paint, the same color the Smithsonian used for the recent restoration. I can see that there's a little bit of tape residue from the paint masking that I'll need to clean off the domes. You can still just barely see the fan blades through the translucent domes. Looks good so far. If it doesn't look accurate after I add the lighting, I do have a second kit that I'm planning to build as an unlit 2nd pilot version, and I'll swap out the spare parts.

Everything is still just in the test fit stage for now. It will be slow going until I get the paint and the lighting kit sorted out.

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Hi Daniel

Did you make a decision on the lgihting kit? I am wanting to start my build but the lighting options are holding me back. The Polar Lights lighting kit seems pretty complete as it includes clear parts and the noisy bussard motors, but other simulated bussard kits from Tena et al are tempting also. My biggest concern is that the lighting is going to be way more expensive than the kit was, and that was half a years salary in New Zealand currency. Lol.