1/350 TOS E is happening.

Cool, I better start finishing up some projects, lol!!! I'm ready to do a 2nd pilot version to go along with the MR.
"Round 2 has confirmed the will release the 1:350 Classic Enterprise in 2012. They will release a Deluxe Edition to be sold exclusively through Round 2. Retail price will be $150. A standard edition will later be available through retail shops."
CessnaDriver, Thanks for posting that site, I sure couldn't find it on Polar Lights site. Signed up for one, can't wait to get it.
At this point ,I'm just happy to see Polar Lights FINALLY doing this kit. I think they will see this kit sell out very quickly and will ask themselves why they didn't do sooner. I will be getting at least 3 of these kits as funds will let me.
I can feel it happening this time. It should be about 33" long, shouldn't it? It would be relatively easy for Polar Lights to scale up their smaller version (is it free of shape issues?) If it doesn't materialize though, Steve says he might kit a 33" one day. And there's always the Trekman or Glorbes route for the adventurous of heart.
Signed up for the pre-order thingy... I'll get one. Since no money is being collected why not? the MR I have is of the series one I was thiking thins one would be second pilot... we'll see.

I think they will need to do a lot more than simply cale up the smaller one. it works scaling down moreso than scaling up. Going up you always need to add more detail. The E is not all greeblied up so Its not as bad as it could be if you were scaling up a Star Destroyer, but I doubt they will be able to reuse the plans they have without serious modification, but it might give them a good place to start from... But I have to beleive that they've had this in teh works and in design for a LONG time, just waiting for the right timing to make it reality.

Jedi Dade
Well I signed up for one. Hope it happens, but will believe it when I see it. I still have my 1/350 TOS E parts waiting to be vacuformed. I just need enough money to buy the vacuform resin to make the female molds. That way, I can have as many 1/350 TOS Starship parts as I want.

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