1/350 NX-01 Paint

Ttam Legacy

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Hey guys! Ok, so I've just received this beast of a ship and I'm having a hell of a time finding paint for the hull of the ship. All the paints that I can find on the net that have been recommended on you tube and in normal searches are all no longer in production. I've got the Aztec decals so I just need the base color of the ship. Spray paint recommendations only please. I don't have an airbrush yet. Thanks for your help!

Jedi Dade

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I'd go with Tamiya spray cans. Titanium, or even straight silver (That"d weather a bit with a wash). But really if you're decent at spray cans you can use almost anything that is in the Silver/aluminum family of color. The Model is big enough that you don't have to worry too much about obliterating superfine details. As long as you're not heavy handed, and can get a nice fine layer (practice on scrap if you don't have the feel for it) You'll be fine!

Jedi Dade


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I used Testor's Metalizer Lacquer Aluminum right on the bare plastic (no primer). After some light buffing it looked pretty much just like actual metal. It's a big model- think I ended up using two bottles with my airbrush. If you use this stuff be sure to get the sealer as well otherwise it'll come off on your hands when touching the model. I also used the Metalizer Steel for accents and the impulse engines.
EDIT: just realized you don't have an airbrush- these also come in spray cans.


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If you can find it in spray form, Steel is the ideal base color, IMO. It has that sort of brownish metallic color that is central to the ship's look in the show. Here's mine with MM Buffable Metalizer Steel as the base color:

If you can find an equivalent color in spray form, which shouldn't be hard, it'll probably give you the look you're after.

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