1/350 Medical Frigate (pic heavy)


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Hello everyone, been a lurker here for some time and I thought I’d share my latest build. I mostly build 1/350 warships, but I thought I’d tackle one of my favorite ships from ESB in 1/350 scale. I tried to get the basic shape down, and then freehand the details using spare parts accumulated over 30 years of modeling. The Falcon is from the Rawcliffe pewter collection, which I almost hated to use it after seeing what it sells for these days but I purchased it years ago for this purpose in mind. Eventually I’ll have other ships from the fleet added to the scene. Overall it was a pretty fun project.














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I have to tell you that the ending to ESB is just pitch perfect to me. Emotional compelling, sad get hopeful... the grand shot of the spiral galaxy... the unbelievable power of John William's score... and then you have the Medical Frigate, which is hands down one of my all time favorite ships in the Star Wars universe...mostly because of its "motor boat engine" design and the emotional power in the coda for all the above stated reasons.

What a great build! I wish someone would make a kit available of this ship (Is there one available?). Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for the nice replies! It took me about 2 months to build, but I put a lot of time into it. Currently working on the rebel transport, although I’m scaling the transport to about 120 meters rather than the usually listed 90 meters for its length. I read a very good analysis on the transport’s size, and 90 meters is just too small, so I agreed that 120 meters is much closer to the actual size. I’ll post some updated pics as I get the fleet together.

Oh, here's a link to the warships I've done:

M o d e l W a r s h i p s . c o m - G a l l e r y
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Thought I’d post a little update on my ESB diorama. Completed the rebel transport, however, I shaped the hull a little too cylindrical. I like the way the hull plating turned out though. I figure the rebellion has several transports in their fleet, so they are all slightly different. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Also built a little x-wing and y-wing this weekend. Now, off to the blockade runner.






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I wanted to do one last post to finish up this project after completing the Blockade Runner. I cheated on this one and began with the Collectors Fleet blockade runner toy which scales out nicely to 1/350, then tore it apart and re-detailed it. I also scratch built an engine section and decided to build it as the ROTJ version with the extra guns. You can never have too many guns. Then I made one of the little fleet ships and added some Micro Machine ships for the background, and my winter project is done.




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