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    I am currently on a 1/350 Enterprise build. This is a wonderful kit ( as many of you already know ) but i am encountering a problem that i would hope someone would be able to shed some light on. I am at a point where i am applying the Aztec Decals for the model, but whenever i transfer the decal onto the model, none of the actual patterns are showing up. It almost seems as if they dissapear from the decal as soon as i remove it from the paper it is attached to.

    I have read the directions to apply the decals several times to ensure that i am doing it to their specifications and i honestly cant seem to figure out what is wrong.
    The only thing i could possibly think would be the problem would be the fact that i went a different route of the paint job with a light greyish color. Are these decals so finiky that they will only show when the specified white paint is applied? I only ask this because i a seperate star trek model ship on here with a silver paint job and aztec decals applied and they showed up wonderfully.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated
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    They should still appear. Unless you went with a REALLY dark color.

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