1:350 Enterprise PE kit from PNT is back in stock

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    Hi everyone,

    after months and months (and months) of sitting on the waiting list... for anyone who is interested, PNT has just delivered new stock of the Photoetch kits for the 1:350 Enterprise refit to its distributors (i.e. Starship Modeler or Federation Models ).

    A little background:
    This is similar to the ParaGrafix PE kit, with some differences that make it worth the money to buy both kits. This kit is adapted from the original design of the Polar Lights kit, which was suposed to have a PE kit in it but was droped shortly before going on the market (probably due to cost factors). I have heard that the figures in this kit are slightly smaller than the ones in the ParaGrafix kit... some like it better, some dont... as to which is the real 1:350 scale your guess is as good as mine.

    Hope the news flash was helpful,

    PS - I hope it is ok to write this here. I am just so happy that my PE kit is on its way that I cant help but 'sing it on the mountains'. If this goes agains forum policy, sorry no harm (or advertising) meant. :angel
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