1/32 Colonial SCARLET Viper


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Here are some pics of my latest "project" : Galactica: The Second Coming - Colonial SCARLET Viper

The base model was a TOS Viper model kit from MOEBIUS. I did the conversion to a Scarlet Viper by scratch,
because the conversion kit seems to be no longer available. The painting of the model was done without any airbrush.
This time I've used only some different color spraycans from the DIY market and various model-pigments ;)

A lot more pictures here: http://maxx-replicas.jimdo.com/projekte-2011-2015/galactica-scarlet-viper/







Thanks for watching :)
Wow! That's a really cool looking conversion. Especially the cockpit and forward swept wings.

Whats the back story on the scarlet viper?
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