1:250 Scale Normandy SR2


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Hi there, I want to show you my first attempt to some serious scale modelling: a 1:250 replica of the Normandy SR" from Mass Effect 2.

Actually i'm working on the first step that is to create the original model using wood, clay and other materials. next i will create a silicone mold and cast a resin model for painting and adding lights and all that stuff.

There is no official specs about the dimensions of the Normandy by Bioware, so i took a model created by someone on the internet and scaled in a very similar way that HaVoC373 did with his spectacular 1:180 Normandy scale model. The ship length is about 90 cm

Here are some photos:


The base axis of the fuselage

first mount of the model and some ribs

LOTS of work, sanding and work after

Actual state of the fuselage. Currently working ion the details

First attempt of making the cockpit. i'll have to work more on it.

Please, I want all the feedback you can give me guys, and sorry if my english isn't the best. i'm from Chile, and well... even with some practice, I feel it a little bit rusty
My suggestion would be to get the basic shape smoothed out before you cut in any details. once the basic shape is perfected its much easier to add details.

Just my two cents.

Thanks. Actually the main shape is pretty smooth right now, but as i'm using clay (not exactly clay, but an acrylic based clay for wall finishing), each stage requires more sanding and a check of all the details before. It's quite a slow work, but the results are awesome so far. I expect to show the ended fuselage in one or two weeks more
very cool, I love seeing people do this ship :D. Where did you find the model that your using to create it?

Thanks! I can't recall but I started looking in 3d modelers forums, and in one of those found a very nice and detailed model in 3DS Max. Then, took the model into Autocad and generated the Schematics
very very cool, id love to get my hands on those schematics if you ever release them, Ive wanted to make one of these since the game came out :lol
I think you need to move this post to the general modeling forum, this forum is for recreating studio scaled replicas of visual effects filming miniatures
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