1:24 A-Wing (printed on Elegoo Jupiter)


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So no print run now?

Correct, as soon as I reached out to him and let him know the canopy was ready for a vacuform test, things got really weird. I do not want to talk bad about anyone behind their back but for me personally, even though he creates exquisite 3D files, I will not be purchasing from him anymore.

Which is really too bad. People are putting out some amazing files these days and not everyone has access to a large printer and those that do are charging (in my opinion) way, way too much to print. There is no way I want to turn this thread into some kind of debate but even uploading files to a marketplace like Shapeways (without the creator's consent) and having them print it for you (at a significant cost) is a very grey area.

This is literally the primary reason I purchased my Jupiter. If I only print this kit, my Blockade Runner and a few more, I am already money ahead of having someone print these for me.

I did have my son help me get this canopy ready, and other than softening the edges as my friend said the vacform process does not like the 90-degree edges so I will have him soften those but it will be nice to finally put a canopy on this kit:

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