1/20 Viper Mark 2


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Another long overdue project. Thanks for looking




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Absolutely awesome paint work! What colors did you use for the red and white? Floquil?
Are the windows glazed? I have been going back and forth about whether to do that to mine.



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Is that the FM kit? Looks great. I've got one of Franks I need to finish and Still want to buy JT's Cylon Raider..... So many projects...., so little time...:lol


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Sorry for my ignorance, but where can I get a kit that size?
I've got the the 1/35 kit and I keep thinking how sweet it would be if it were bigger.
I would love to tacke a 1/20 viper.

That is one impressive build, love the design, and the paint.

Nice job!
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