1:2 Wolverine bust done the comic style way!


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Started this bust a few months back. Heavily inspired by the comic style of Joe Maduriera and others. Wanted to go big on this fella. Decided on 1/2 scale (roughly).
My usual clay of of choice is Monster Clay Medium due to its perfect in between qualities.
After getting most of the forms laid out, I decided to do something different. Something I've seen Simon Lee do. He utilizes different colors of clay which I thought was such an unusual yet satisfying choice. I'm assuming because it offers a more pleasing to the eye look since it breaks up the constant neutral color scheme and provides a better result to the eye.
For mine I wanted to break it up by doing the dark colors of Wolverine in the brown Monster clay. This also provides a good way to identify the separate parts of the outfit.
I used real denture acrylic teeth with the fangs being modified using some translucent sculpey.
I wanted to utilize several types of medium in this sculpt so I decided to add some copper rods along the seam lines. This will aid in keeping them clean and sharp.
The eyes are just some wood spheres I painted white to help tell the story as I go along.
Doing this sculpt in this manner is kind of like the entire process of pencils, then ink, then color all in one.

The cowl ears are separate and are connected using a 3d modeled key I made to help make the molding and casting process much easier.

More progress coming soon.
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