1:2 T-800 bust info


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I don't mind half figures at all, never said I did?? Just wanted to see if anyone that had one of these could chime in and say if they had any issues at all (chrome flaking etc) I know sideshow sometimes hasn't had the best track record. And also what there thoughts might be one the piece. Just info hunting before I buy. :)


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It's a great piece. I love that each arm has an endorifle and can be positioned in multiple ways. The lights work great. I got mine for around $800, SS cost was $999+ (I think). If you don't have the space for the full 1/2 endoskeleton, this is the way to go. I had issues with the full size 1:2 and sent it back (lights wouldn't work, cables were frayed, lots of bad scratches). I'm happy with this.