1:18 Scale Nicholas Hammond Spider-Man figure (3.75 inches)


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Hi all,

There's no point starting a thread in the Project Runs section as nobody is "in" to these as much as me apparently, but thought I'd share the progress of the 3D sculpt for my Nicholas Hammond Spider-Man figure. Still some adjustments to be made to improve the accuracy but overall - it's getting there nicely I think.


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I suggest selling the meshes instead or casts as kits instead. I think the sculpts are cool and your card designs as well but the sculpts are anachronistic at best. Re:action style figures are a better fit to your cards, while these are proper nice and accurate representational sculpts that have nothing to do with action figures. These are more reminiscent of 2005+ McFarlane collectibles maybe or old school Geometric Designs Micro Art line of garage kits. Please understand I am not knocking the results, just that this at least to me as a whole "product" does not fill any holes I can think of? I might be missing the point though, just offering a perspective.


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Yes, they're much more accurate than the old Kenner sculpts. However, with "basic" paintjobs, they look very much like the Kenner style to me. The head of product design at Hasbro is the proud owner of one of my Superman figures now and I was thrilled to hear that it's filled the "hole" he had in his collection for the last 40 years for something like this.

These sculpts are designed to be displayed in a bubble on the cards, so there's no real need for them to be articulated. It's the overall "look" that I'm going for and when these are on the cards and displayed right alongside vintage Kenner figures, they blend in perfectly with the style and aesthetic (see photo with Star Wars Stormtrooper below).

Here is the photo that he sent to me after he'd attached the bubble to the card.


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Kal Argos

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Hi i just found the Spidey with kenner style card on Etsy. Totally blown away. Is it possible you can tweek the stl file to make 5 point of articulation figure?

These are phenomenal as is though. Just phenomenal!!


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Hi Kal,
Thanks. Glad you found my store. Not much interest from the RPF members (understandable as it's not a prop). They are sold as is - no articulation.


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I brought his superman figure and a couple of card backs of chris I was going to paint the figure but when i got it I realised to was to nice to to that, (it has so much detail on it and the card ) I would have brought more but as most builders here I have so meny projects and every day life stuff to deal with I dont want to do half a job.

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