1:18 Scale Jet Parts - ie Ordnance/Cockpit etc.

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by XSixxX, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Working on sourcing some items for a new project (repaint/build)

    Wondered if anyone who kit-bashed has any experience or come across Model stores or sites that may sell or piece order Ordnance (bombs/missiles) and maybe a mock up cockpits for RC Jets or planes?

    Specific request but wasn't sure if there was a model or a kit bash bible of source parts or the best places to pick up items.

    Any suggestions are helpful. Been poking around and having a hard time finding anything.

    Thanks guys! I'll post progress pics up. Just ordered my base project today ;)
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    Re: 1:18 Scale Jet Parts - ie Ordinance/Cockpit etc.

    I started doing a bomb series. first one is the MK-82 500 LB retarded snake eyes, it was 3-d printed i have the file and can scale it to any size. im working my way through all the Naval Ordnance. if theres something you wanted PM me and i can see about getting it done for you.

  3. XSixxX

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    Re: 1:18 Scale Jet Parts - ie Ordinance/Cockpit etc.

    Holy Shnikeys Al that would be awesome. Navy ordnance is exactly what I need too! That would rock! Let me see if I can get together the few things I need. 1:18 is the scale.
  4. XSixxX

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    IEDBOUNTYHUNTER - AL I shot you the link to the images. Feel free to PM me back. Thanks!
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    I have made all kinds of Modern Ordanance for my 1/18th scale Aircraft I have 2 F-16s and 3 F/A-18s and 1 F-14D Tomcat I have made GBU-31 JDAMs LGB GBU-27s Harms , Sidewinders AMRAAMs, CBU-89s, 1000sLb and the 500 Lb JDAMS I Love making these munitions I have customized my AH-1W Cobras I am a serious 1/18th Scale Nut!
  6. kruleworld

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    Those aircraft models must be pretty big at 1:18 scale. i'm building a 1:24 scale Mustang P51 D and it's huge.
  7. Teddz

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    Check out RC universe dot com. The forum there is a wealth of info for large scale RC stuff. I'm pretty sure there's someone out there that produces some ordnance for warbirds... However, most times, the ordnance and cockpits are scratch built, one-off items.
    @kruleworld I'm working on a 1/8 scale P-47D Thunderbolt 'Razorback' that's just bananas... the WW2 stuff at large scale and detailed correctly is just a thing of beauty. Debating if I'll fly it or not.
  8. Jkirkon

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    I'll echo RCUniverse as suggested above.

    I have a 1/7 scale F-18C Hornet that I will one day finish. It's a beast!

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