1:1400 Enterprise E Decals


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Hi everyone.

Would anyone happen to have a high resolution file of the decals that came with the round 2 model kit of the 1:1400 scale Enterprise E?

In some of my early days of making models one of my attempts was the round 2 Enterprise E. In looking back i decided I wanted to update it and fix some of the imperfections that came as a result of me not knowing what the hell I was doing. I've been going back, filling in all of the seams cleaning out any spilled glue etc, and even located some files for Aztecing decals that I can print out, but I believe my skills still too inadequate to create some of the decaling effects due to the strange shape of the sauce. Can anyone give me a hand?


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In all honesty the thought never really occurred to me, i figured sales would basically be full kit or nothing, is there any special channel i should go through?
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