1/12th scale train model from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Walt Disney World


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After a few months of work, I finally finished my 1/12 scale replica of the train from the Big Thunder Mountain attraction in Walt Disney World. This is bigger than it looks in the pictures, measures exactly a foot long! I designed the train from scratch digitally and it is a mix of resin and FDM printed parts. I choose FDM for the chassis to make it stronger and less likely to warp over time. The decals are all designed from scratch as well using Adobe Illustrator and printed on blank decal paper. I tried to replicate every detail i could from the original down to the last bolt and rivet. I actually own a park used front boiler plate from one of the trains in Disneyland Paris, so everything was scaled according to those measurements. All of the parks BTM trains have slightly different paint schemes, so I went with the WDW ones since they're a little more beat up and weathered. Hope you like it, figured it would be something fun and different to build. More Disney park projects coming very soon :cool:


I love it! BTMRR is one of my two favorite Magic Kingdom rides, along with The Haunted Mansion, and I've often wished I could have a model like this!

I like the rust parts of the train so much!

Thanks! This was so much fun to paint, tried to not to go overboard on weathering but it definitely looks like its been sitting outside for a while lol

Very nice, I can actually hear the sound effects of the trains chugging and whistling as they go by.

haha Thanks! imagine how it would look with sound and smoke effects too :unsure:

Well done. (y)


I love it! BTMRR is one of my two favorite Magic Kingdom rides, along with The Haunted Mansion, and I've often wished I could have a model like this!


It's one of my favorite rides too! Send me a message, I might be open to doing a kit or finished one on commission :cool:

That's really great!

Thanks! Glad you like it!
Really cool project. Nicely done.
I've wanted to scratch build a scale model of one of the Jungle Cruise boats for years.

Thanks, glad you like it! I've been working on designing a bunch of different Disney models. A jungle cruise boat would be awesome!

Thats really cool. Something very different. Haven't been on that ride since I was a kid.

Thanks! Yeah It's one catagory they you just don't really see replicas of. Pretty surprising considering how many people visit the parks.
Nice. Do you have a scale reference piece that you could photo next to it.

I know the 1/12 scale but a vehicules need a driver :)
Im surprised Im now seeing this. Well done, love this model. I may have to attempt a build of this sometime.
Love these beautiful and unique projects on this Board...

I'm a big Disney fan (son is a trooper in CA), and love this ride.

Now build the mountain itself!
Thanks for all of the complements everyone! I've always been a big disney parks fan and always wanted models of the ride vehicles. It's been a fun journey getting to work on these from scratch. Took a little modelling hiatus as we moved to a new house, but I'm working on some other vintage disney park pieces as we speak

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