1/1 Yoda bust from Howard Studios

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I would say that the hair is about right, I think it looks good and the eyes feel very realistic - are those glass eyes?

The paint job is pretty good, however, isn't the green a little pale - bordering on turquoise, or is that just the lighting causing that effect?  Though, the sheen on the face seems very life-like, with this slight shine, yet not glossy.  Excellent.

I really like the bust and you did a wonderful job on it.

IMO I think the green is pretty darn close. In screen-grabs from ESB, he does look quite pale (could be that heavy white studio lighting). Looks like Steve's got a touch of blue in there too...

A good way to make a Yoda paint-job go south fast is to make the green too rich...
Either the Pal transfer or the color on my tv is wrong, but I have never seen Yoda with this type of green. But the newer photos look a lot better, imo. Very impressive and life-like.

Keep up the good work.

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Excellent paint job.. :thumbsup

BTW, can you tell me what is the iris size of the 28mm glass eyes that you use?


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WOW Steve, thats actually not only your best paintjob, I think it´s one of the best paintjob I have ever seen on Howards Yoda.

Great work. :thumbsup


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The thing about 'Yoda green' is, its such a difficult colour to match to the screen used puppet as it chages from scene to scene, depending upon lighting conditions, exposure, the format you are watching the movie on and many other variables. Even photos of props show huge differences in the green tones, ranging from very pale browny-green to darker sage green. Even photographing fanmade versions produces so many variables depending upon all these factors.

The only thing to be done IMO is to go with whatever look / colour you like best in person.

Anyway, this one looks really great, nice job. :thumbsup



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Wow guys, I'm floored.. I have been striving to get one of my paint jobs to get this kind of reaction for years. :) I appreciate all the kind words guys. They mean a lot.
The iris size is 13 or 14mm I believe.


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i would say thats your best work to date, are the eyes just painted on?

its a yoda fest on here these days

keep em coming



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VERY nice Steve.
Hand painting seems to be the way to go on these little green heads.
Looks excellent.