1/1 Velociraptor Mongoliensis


Hey Guys, this was the last big project I did for university, It is a full size anatomically accurate Velociraptor Mongoliensis. He was sculpted in plastiline and the final product is a fibre glass cast. He is roughly 5 and a half foot long, stand about 2 foot tall at the hip!


Before anyone says about the lack of feather, he was originally intended to have feathers, but I did some test and couldn't get something I was happy with and ran out of time, so left it with the more 'classic' look

Thanks for looking!


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I really like the look of this sculpt! Very sleek and ready to attack. Do you ever plan on revisiting the feather idea or is this project a done deal?


I do plan on doing it at some point, got a perfectly good mould to make more, so at some point in my life there could be a pack of them!


Yeah man you say that until you have to put it somewhere..... but honestly if i got enough interest I would think about making them up for people, would be pretty costly though lol
Talking about doing feathers, Saurian's new Archeraptor would probably be something I went for if feathering up
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you could probably sell some to museums! the best thing about that is they seem to have the funds when it comes to their displays.

if ya ever do decide to make a few, I don't know if I can afford it but am interested.

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