1:1 scale imperial probe droid


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OK so I know that there is another build of this droid going on which I've been following...there hasn't been much posting recently, and as he rightly points out, it's amazing that this doesn't seem to have been properly replicated anywhere before, and being an impatient being, and loving the PD as I do, I thought I would embark on my very own full size, screen accurate, articulated, electronic build. Inspired really by the amazing work done by the studio scale modellers on this site and their wonderful research and build threads, I want to scratch build/3D print everything on the SS prop up to full size and then wire it all up and hang it in my prop room...sounds do-able, right?

It really isn't helpful that Photobucket have scuppered a lot of the photo reference material on most of the build threads I've seen by being utter twats and charging for 3rd party picture hosting. Hopefully, as per their statement, the RPF will be able to sort this out for us, but in the meantime if anyone has a good source of detailed ref pix/model parts etc I would appreciate the assistance. I have purchased the Sideshow Collectables model, which is probably the best hands on reference available but still feel there are parts which are not accurate

This is going to be a winter project build and at the moment I am creating most of the printable pieces from scratch, including the head and body. There are some STL model files out there but they are all pretty basic, generic renditions of the real prop and woefully inaccurate

This is what I made before

This is what I'm looking to achieve
can't wait to see many many posts of your build, love a probe droid, really hope you achieve your goal.
good luck to you

the one you made before what size was it and was it a kit build ?
Ok first post with actual parts...I'm about 10% of the way thru modelling the parts and this is what I've got off the printer so far. Probably gonna have to print 24/7 until I have all the pieces finished, then I won't have to wait once I'm underway on the body/head

The head, obviously. Doesn't seem that big but it will have all the eyes sticking out so I'm pretty happy with the size. I scaled everything up x 6 from the 1/6 scale sideshow model so
it should be reasonably accurate and proportionate

Body blocks x 2

Large hip Radius x 4


Underside box/body box inner detail


There's no order to which greeblies etc I'm printing...just whichever ones I fancy modelling first and what I want to see in the flesh...More to come
Thanks guys...So it strikes me as odd that somewhere. a long time ago, mostly in Europe, there were military designers and engineers creating machines of death for land, sea and air for the two world wars. They must have designed parts for all the tanks, planes, ships etc. Then companies like Airfix and Tamiya make tiny scale models of the these machines. Then the Star Wars design crew kit bash a number of these models to create or enhance the amazing craft/droids/ships etc that we know and love. Next comes us poor prop makers trying to track down these parts to copy or Replicate these movie icons. So here I am squinting at tank parts and trying to generate exact models so I can scale them back up for my Probe droid build. An interesting thread thru history methinks. Huge thanks again to the studio scale guys, particularly Moffeaton for his reference images and part numbers used on the PB

Anyway more parts printed...big ones and little ones

20171017_141435.jpg 20171017_141508.jpg

Body disc and more 'eyes'


Gun :devil

20171017_141622.jpg 20171017_141655.jpg 20171017_141833.jpg

Next up are the very detailed, scaled up, kit bash parts for the body underside...
If you post those up for sale on CGTrader when you are done it would be awesome. I am sure many would pick up a copy from you.
subscribed awesome thread!! Can't wait to see more pics of your progress good luck! Like others have said it would wonderful to see a full sized accurate prop built.
Update time - so u know those weird little kitbashed parts under the body...the ones I never knew existed until I started this build...

Here's what I had to reproduce for the 'underside assembly thing' courtesy of Moffeaton's PB ID thread


Here's what I've made

20171018_143912.jpg 20171018_144412.jpg 20171018_144431.jpg 20171018_144447.jpg

And here's what it makes. Who knows what musings filled the mind of the guy that created this mish-mash of kit-bash parts but I like it a lot

20171018_154413.jpg 20171018_154429.jpg 20171018_154606.jpg

Here's what I'm working on next...Flakpanzer gepard tank :eek

screen.png screen1.png


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Amazing! Watching this one with great interest.

Each layer you unearth when studying the reference material must bring a "what have I let myself in for?!" moment because that thing is full detail!

Good luck, looking awesome so far. :thumbsup
u said it dude...this thing has got greeblies inside greeblies...but it is, in my opinion, a perfect subject for obsession. How many truly brilliant, iconic, complex and challenging creations are there to hold one's interest for the full term that these things take to build. I've done R2 and C3PO, a Dalek and a host of incredible characters but there is a limited supply of greats...every artist must have his muse, and the Probe droid is as deep as they come

Anyways...more stuff. So I was putting the finishing touches to the underside parts, which are really juicy. detail-wise

07.jpg So the green tank thing was next to be scaled and printed (Pic by Moffeaton again)

Here's what how they came off the printer

20171020_153444.jpg 20171020_153013.jpg 20171020_153516.jpg

And ta-da! Need to print another one now


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