1:1 scale Baby Ewok from ROTJ

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by skygunbro, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Here is some pics of the finished head for the 1:1 baby ewok. These are cool because I got some dvd stills and there are quite a few different versions/hair colors etc. I could make alot of these and it wouldnt matter if they looked the same. I went with the smaller one as I did see some toddler size babies but I wanted the tiny ones.I still have to add hair around the ears. I think I got the size for the small ones about right...as a reference I used standard size marbles on the original sculpt for the eyes.....
    Original sculpt was sculpted from Roma clay I have WIP pics of the clay sculpture as well....
    I finished the sculpt above made a mold and then hollow casted the head in fiberglass resin...then I painstakingly hand haired it....Looks very realistic in person the pics dont do it justice as I dont have a good camera with a macro lense to take good detailed close ups of small objects to they are a little blurry and you cant really make out how realistic the hair looks etc...Also just a note the hair on mine is a very close match to the darker brown one in the dvd stills but in the pics it looks washed out.
    I am also including the dvd stills collage of some of the baby ewoks I found in the movie.
    I will be sculpting the hands and feet as well as the body...Ill keep you posted.

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    GREAT .

    i will have to overthink my wish to stay without children... :p

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    I can see these pics making their way to the Enquirer: "Bigfoot baby found." :lol
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    Great idea for a project... and you're off to a terrific start. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
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    Don't let any 501st members get their hands on it. No telling what they might do to a baby ewok. I've witnessed the atrocities they have commited on adult ewoks. :D
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    lmao, thats great. xD
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    Great work man.

    I particularly like how faithful you were to the original design, as it's different than you'd really think it is. The pointy nose and lips and such...

    Can't wait to see this one finished.


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