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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Tyderium, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Tyderium

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    Hi all.

    Recent pic of my Indy display I am trying to find time to get back onto.
    Had to crop in as a head and shoulders shot only, since I have not built into a full mannequin at this stage. That will be the next step.

    Silicone bust by Howard Senft (Chewie 15).
    Hat custom made by Marc Kitter of Adventurebilt - the brim has relaxed and needs fixing.
    Shirt is MBA.
    Jacket is an exact replica made by Tony Nowak from a hero, screen used Raiders jacket he was loaned and allowed to copy and duplicate.

    Thanks for looking,

  2. PHArchivist

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    Wow! So cool to see these!

    Quick observation (and not a criticism of your or Howard's work): In this particular image, the right eye is looking left, and the left eye is looking forward. Again, at least in this image...

    If this is how it is, can the eyes be repositioned?

    I'm the other way around on my project - I have the full mannequin, but decided to redo the head.
  3. kurtyboy

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    I love the glistening skin, looks like an actor on set sprayed up for an action scene!

  4. Tyderium

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    Yeah I can't really see it in this pic, but in person the right eye is just slightly off centre. They are glued in position so it would be a bit of a tough fix!

    Look forward to seeing your WIP mannequin.
  5. PHArchivist

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    Yeah, mounting eyes is a bear...

    In fact, that is what stalled my own project. I had Howard's V2 resin bust, finishedthe paint up, then screwed up by maknig the eye holes too big.

    So then I bought one of his V1 Indy's, primered it, and set it aside. Haven't touched it since 2008!
  6. daydalus1

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    One of the best I've seen, congrats!

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