1:1 Mater (from Pixar's Cars)


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So, I went to the County Fair yesterday and I saw a guy who had made a full size Mater from Pixar's Cars and it was just too good not to share. I was only able to get one picture, but the detail was pretty good on the whole thing. The "Tow Mater" logos on the doors were even appropriately faded.


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I dig that there is an almost hidden Michelangelo 'kicking' the back of the truck. Truck looks good. We should all have a themed car imo.


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That's awesome!! They did a great job!

I was once in Disney studios park a year ago and of course they had a driveable mater and lightning that came out for parades and pictures. The scale was a little smaller than real which always made me wonder what the frame was.

Thx for sharing this!