1:1 Levitating Jedi Training Remote - First Attempt

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by azheat01, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. azheat01

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    Trooper_trent inspired me to try this, absolutely love what he did with his remotes. I'd get one of his but really don't want to spend that kind of money at the moment. So, I'm going to try this myself and see if I can do one for under $100.

    I got this levitating globe for $53 on eBay and that included shipping.


    I peeled off the globe wrap, took some measurements, did a light sanding everywhere (to include the seam), and used a step bit to drill some holes for the rim pieces.


    I'm printing all the pieces myself on my Anycubic, so the cost for these little pieces is negligible. Probably cost me less than $2.00 to print all of them.


    A quick test fit of the rim......



    I found most of the image files online. I'll be modifying a few and creating some from scratch. This is a quick piece I did for the top and bottom.


    So this puts me at about $55.00 so far............
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  2. TazMan2000

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    I'll be watching this. How does the size of the globe compare with the training remote?

  3. azheat01

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    It's my understanding these globes are a little smaller than the original prop. I don't know the exact dimensions of the original, but I remember seeing somewhere the diameter was around 6" - 6.25". This globe has a diameter under 6" and a circumference of 17.25". So while it may be smaller, it may only be as much as .5" to 1". Either way it's good enough for me, it looks proportionate IMO. I didn't want to mess with printing the hemispheres or using something else and having to take out and remount the magnet. I wanted this to be an easy, relatively inexpressive levitating prop. My son is going to love it.
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  4. azheat01

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    Test printed some pieces after I joined them in CAD. The tank tracks are attached to the small wheels as are the wheels for the outer rings (the ones around the rims). These look good, just need a little clean up. I was originally going to cut the circle pieces out of styrene, but I designed some in CAD instead. Printing them turned out to be much easier and way more accurate.

    These are small pieces and I am incredibly happy with how they are coming out. The level of detail for this printer and the easy of operation, all for under $350, was a win for me. I've had this for about a year and half, print on it 4 or 5 times a week, and not a single problem. Fingers crossed........

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  5. jusdrewit

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    Great stuff! Was thinking of doing this myself down the road. Would you be willing to do any runs of the pieces you've printed?
  6. azheat01

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    Thanks! I probably won't do any runs because I didn't create the majority of these pieces. You can get most, if not all, of the files on Thingiverse and they even have some options to purchase them printed.

    I got most of the greeblies mounted (top, bottom, and sides) that I wanted to before I spray the base coat. Because this is slightly smaller than the original prop I had to adjust the spacing a little, but it's coming along nicely.


    Also printed a few more pieces that came out great.

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  7. baptizer

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    Love your build threads! Looking forward to this one!
  8. azheat01

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    Thank you! Hoping to work on this again this week.
  9. azheat01

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    Found a little bit of time to work on this. I sprayed the base coat first then used vinyl stencils to mask off and paint the red areas. Need to fill the center seam, print a few more parts, paint them, then start attaching pieces / weather. This one is for my son, and serves as a proof of concept more or less. I'm going to make another one for my office that will be a bit cleaner now that I know this can be done at this price point.


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  10. kickman88

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    Looking great so far...are you using Anycubic i3 mega?
  11. azheat01

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    Yes indeed I am.
  12. azheat01

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    More work done on this, I printed the rest of the circle pieces that surround each rim, used a hair dryer to heat them up, then formed them to the contour of the globe. Got those painted and installed along with a few of the other greeblies that go in those areas. I painted the rims chome and installed those as well. I decided not to do any cleanup of the pieces on this one since it serves as a test of sorts. My son thinks it looks great anyway and this one is going in his room. On the next one I'll spend some time bondoing and sanding the pieces to make them look a little better. I'm moving kinda quickly on this one which shows in some of the spacing errors. But for about $65, I can't complain.


    I did a quick little design for the 8 square panels that run along the circumference. Printed those and will get them primed along with a few other little pieces and get those installed soon. I also made and printed the 24 little panels that go between the spaces between the rims.


    Another little video...........it's coming along.

  13. scottjua

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    Here's what you're not understanding or factoring into your perceived price:

    Trent spent and invests or has invested:

    - lots of time researching
    - Lots of time modeling, remodeling, developing the parts
    - trial and error for printing or creating the parts and processes
    - Bartering, digging up, uncovering reference material from every angle possible
    - discovering things most people don't know about the original prop
    - actually pioneering the idea
    - refining the process

    So what you think you're saving in material costs, you're forgetting all of the time, failed prints, failed attempts, and all of the rest that goes into his pricing. Not to mention email and messages answering questions and dealing with people thinking he should give his files away.

    If your time is worth nothing, then sure you're making a cheaper prop. And of course if you're not doing the research or development of parts, then you're saving even more time.

    But I can tell you in one single instance he and I sat there toiling over and remodeling a single greeblie for hours. Just one part. Test printing, redoing it, and repeating until happy with accuracy. And that was after he already had a part that 90 percent of people couldn't tell the difference.

    So while you think the prop can be made for less, I think you're just missing what actually goes into it.

    That all said I'm all for people making g their own stuff. But be careful about price bashing if you don't really know what goes into making something.

    He's not using premade files for things.
  14. azheat01

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    Wow, not sure where the attack came from, but let me give you my perspective. At no point was I "bashing" Trent or his prices. In fact, he was the inspiration for me wanting to try this which I mentioned in the first post. Take a look around this forum, there are many builders here who try and replicate expensive props on a budget. I have always maintained and agreed that this hobby isn't just for those who can afford it, and we often share builds that can be made on a budget, whether it be an Iron Man helmet made out foam or a light saber made out of plumbing parts.

    This build is in no way intended to be a competition or insult to Trent's. Your post is uncalled for and laughable. I wanted to replicate a cool prop without having to spend that kind of money. And in the spirit of this forum, I wanted to share it with others in the event they wanted to try it also. THAT is the spirit of this forum and this hobby. My remote is nowhere near as good as Trent's, nor is it intended to be based on my price point. If someone wants a more accurate prop, they can commission Trent to build them one.

    NOWHERE, in this build, does it imply that I "miss" what goes into making a detailed prop. Your implication is wrong and offensive. I've been in this hobby a long time and I know how much work goes into making these props and I know EXACTLY why Trent's cost so much more to make. I never insinuated mine was on par with his, ever, and this post was never intended to minimize or diminish his efforts.

    This, like many other builds here, is nothing more than a budget build. If budget is not an issue for you, great. If it is, well this is an option. To see it any other way is foolish and petty.
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  15. Brothervader

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    Dude, your work is amazing. There are so many people that will look at this and be inspired by what you created! So sad that we live in a world where people are trying to create conflicts in controversy! That last commenter was completely out of line. Unfortunately, there are some really ornery prop builders that take the fun out of the hobby. It's people like you that inspire people to be creative. In a hobby where some people are elitist, and pride themselves in spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the perfect prop, some of us just enjoy the thrill of building something that we love, and sharing it with the world. I can't wait to see more of your work!
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  16. scottjua

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    Well to be fair when your own posts continually call the price point into the equation it does make it about price. You reference his build as inspiration which is fine and I've got no problem with it.

    It's perception, just as you see my post as an "attack", which it was really intended as a base of another point of view on the cost to make this prop, I perceived your main post as a price dig at Trent's work.

    So ok, fair enough.. neither of us intended our posts to come across that way. That said, it was easy for me to make that connection with how the posts are written and the perceived intention.

    So if I had not written the words price bashing, perhaps the whole tone of everything else would have been taken differently??? Maybe
  17. xl97

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    Why the random attack?did I miss something elsewhere perhaps?

    And the no context mirror of said attack? <-- looks to have been an error? (a real post is there now)

    Purpose or point?

    Seems a bit 'personal' to me.. because "I" personally didnt pick up on ANYTHING negative nor aimed at Trooper Trent?

    None of Trent's process/R&D...etc... has any business here?! he does nice work, does matter about his approach.... why would it?

    Just like someone going into Trents thread and saying how it can be done CHEAPER wouldnt havent any place there..

    Would it be equally as acceptable to go into his thread and * all over it?

    Just doesnt belong.. no one called into account or question how Trent has done his research...
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  18. xl97

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  19. scottjua

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    As for the comment alluding to me going around looking for contraversy: this was brought to my attention. I don't troll the boards looking for stuff. More than one person felt the same way and alerted others to it as they felt the same way.

    I'm just the one who said something.
  20. azheat01

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    I think I mentioned price, what, in two posts? Only as a reference point on what I am spending so other's have a realistic idea should they want to try this themselves and to encourage them to give it a shot because it doesn't cost that much. Often times members are discouraged from trying these builds because they can get so expensive, I get it because I've been there.

    Before you act as a mouthpiece for others, perhaps you should do your own research. Look at my other build threads: My $25 Scratch Built Light Saber Crystal Chamber - Tutorial, My $29.00 Han Solo DL-44 Blaster Build, My Daughter's $25 Scratch Built Rey Staff, My Thermal Detonator Build, My Son's Desert Skiff Bed, My HIC Build, etc, they all reference price because I like to try and build on budgets. Not once did anyone ever jump into my DL-44 thread (or any other for that matter) and say "you don't get it, so and so's DL-44 cost so much more because of this or that". It's absurd.

    If this build was a topic of discussion, in that way, amongst a group of butt-hurt members, then I genuinely feel sorry for them........

    I have nothing more to say on this. Respectfully, I don't want this nonsense clogging my build thread.
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  21. azheat01

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    So just about done with this, I'm real pleased with how it's coming along and my son loves it. I decided to leave all the panel pieces Primer Gray which contrasts nicely with the body color. As you can see I had to create smaller panels for the midsections to accommodate for the smaller overall size of the globe, but I'm OK with it. I had some left over paint from another project called Satin Almond (Krylon) that I used for the main body and I think it looks great.

    I'm going to try and add the last few tiny pieces soon and then start weathering. It's a fun little piece.


  22. KramStaar

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    Insanely brilliant. Congrats
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  23. thd9791

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    Very cool build. Budget builds are, for me, always tough because you form an emotional connection like a piece of art trying to balance accuracy with scratch building and finding the cheapest option. My first lightsaber was an Obi Wan from Big Yellow Box that cost about 20 bucks in supplies and hours in the basement. It came out..... sturdy.

    using the little floating earth thing? Genius! I'm completely ignorant on this prop so I'm very impressed with just that :D I've seen the real prop is on a post with a project box beneath it or something
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  24. azheat01

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    Thanks all, I appreciate the nice comments! Once again I'll throw some love towards Trooper_trent, if I hadn't seen his build, I would never have thought of trying this. Very fun project........
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  25. DiggsBarklightr

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    I remember someone else doing this too. I think the guys name was Henry Ford... People don’t like change, they feel threatened by it when it works.
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  26. mikid

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    Very nice work, I support your efforts, a kit for diy would be nice?????....

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