1:1 Jawa build


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Thank you!

You probably don't want to see R4, that looks like he has just came from the factory of Industrial Automaton. So, here is the droid, that has lied in the sands of the Dune sea for a long, long time...



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Thanks! When I first saw it with weathering, I couldn't believe how old it looks.

And here are some pictures of my finished project: Jawa sitting on R4


Oh, the orientation. Again!

What do you think? Does it look good?
Thanks for any feedback!


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Nice. The R4 head is notorious for being hard to assemble, but you have nailed it.
Thank you. Yes, the shape of the dome is very uncommon. But when I first saw the R4 unit in the films (though only for a few seconds), I thought, that I must build it one day. And now, here it is. :)


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Also, I asked my mum to take some photos (she's a good photograph) and this is the result:
Jawa's new tool box
Hydrospanner 01
Hydrospanner 02
Fusion cutter
Droid caller

I also realised, that I've never publicate the budget:
Jawa - 74 USD
R4 - 118 USD
Tools - 14 USD
Well, it's not cheap :)

And some goals for my future props building:
Learn the bondo and sanding technique (does anybody know some good tutorials or products? with what have you good experiences?)
Buy better spray colours and better glue
And I think, that I would need a Dremel :)

OK, that's all. Thoughts?