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1:1 Godzilla Tusken Raider Mask eBay Auction

Sold for 750.00 USD
I thought I'd link my eBay auction for my recently completed Godzilla Tusken Raider mask. This has been a favorite character for me since I was 6 years old and one of my first builds. This is my third build and I wanted to try and capture the Tatooine feel of the Sandpeople. Most replicas of this character look like there were just from the Tatooine Tusken Beauty Parlor and got their new "Dockers" wraps after a nice bath. Not exactly how the character looked on screen. This one has much closer wrap material, has been distressed, weathered, and I added blacked out stainless mesh inside the eye sockets. If you have questions or want additional photos, please let me know. Anyway, thanks for looking!

Tusken Raider Sandpeople Mask 1:1 Star Wars ANH | eBay







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