1/1 Darkness Bust 'Twilight' (recast?)


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Not sure if this is in the right forum, but I saw this and got curious.

I own the Sideshow piece and it's one of the real stars of my collection. This is actually a very cool 'alternate' version of the bust with a light up feature and everything, but I'm wondering if it's a recast.

The seller has 100% positive feedback and goes to length telling us that it's his sculpt 'based' off of the Sideshow one.

I'm just not into the whole 'analyzing' some of you guys are, and figured someone else would wanna tackle its 'authenticity' or not. :)

If he really sculpted it that close to the original, kudos!

Lord of Darkness life size bust (twilight) 1:1 scale | eBay
Seems kinda odd.

He mentions he offers a red version, which looks EXACTLY like the one he sculpted it from, but it's not a recast....

Not waving a red flag for me, but it seems damned convenient.

I'd be a little wary of it. If he posted pics of the finished clay master or even WIP pics of the master, it'd be a lot easier to believe.

No this is not a recast saw this before on deviant art.Very good sculpture.
Here;s his page,

Welp, there's wip pics of the sculpt there too.

Dude's a damned good sculptor!

Horns look like they are spaced too far apart. I would get Teves' version or nothing.
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