1:1 Dark Crystal urRu Mystic bust paintup


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I got this head a while back from SGB and have finally gotten around to finishing it. When SGB sold these as "finished" he included plastic human doll eyes and it just looked odd. I opted for the raw unpainted bust. The Mystics in the film had eyes which were a single flat brown colour with a black pupil (there were never any "whites"). Looks OK on the puppet, but I decided to go slightly different on this guy - a little less muppet, and a bit more realistic. So eyes are taxidermy glass eyes from Van Dykes and I went for a slightly more realistic old-age skintone with veining.




Reminds me a lot of Station from Bill and Ted from straight on! lol


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That really makes him pop ... well done ... I so wished they would make another Dark Crystal 2 ... as was mentioned some time ago by Jim Henson's company :wacko



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I had the privilege of seeing one of the original puppets up close and it was so basic, the eyes on the puppet were just wooden balls with painted irises.
Its funny how we all try to finish our replicas so perfect, but most film pieces pre 2000 were never finished to the degree they are today.

Great work BTW.

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This is fantastic, really does them justice.
The mystics looked so gentle, I think thats what you've managed to capture here:thumbsup
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