Limited Run «Crimson Lord»: Maul lightsaber from "Solo" (by Lukyanov) [SOLD OUT]


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I want to start my new project.
Working title: «Crimson Lord»
This hilt will be my next limited run for spring 2019.

DMS_ren_1_fin.JPG DMS_ren_2_fin.JPG DMS_ren_3_fin.JPG DMS_ren_4_fin.JPG

Real hilt photos:
_DSC7091.jpg _DSC7108.jpg _DSC7112.jpg _DSC7114.jpg _DSC7122.jpg
_DSC7147.jpg _DSC7154.jpg _DSC7151.jpg _DSC7157.jpg _DSC7160.jpg

It will be ready to install electronics inside, it will be made of anosized aluminum using high quality CNC equipment.

Also, I will offer a complete assembly with chassis (my design) and neopixel blades (of course there will be an opportunity to buy only a hilt). And it will be possible to buy neopixel blades for my past lightsaber hilts.

I will be grateful to the criticism and information useful for developing (to make it as close as possible to real prop using in «Solo»). All progress will be reflected in this thread.

If you are ready to get one of these accurate Maul Solo hilts, please fill the form:
>>> Solo «Crimson Lord» Saber (by Lukyanov) <<<

You can saw my previous work here:
Luke's «CreepyUncle» TLJ 1st run
Luke's «CreepyUncle» TLJ 2nd run
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I want to say in advance that several configurations are planned:
1. Only metal parts (hilt itself)
2. Hilt + chassis (designed by me) without electronics
3. Hilt + chassis with electronics (based on ProffieBoard or CerbeRus)
3.1 Tri-cree LED
3.1 Neopixel connector
4. Hilt + chassis with electronics + neopixel blade(s).