Limited Run «Crimson Lord»: Maul lightsaber from "Solo" (by Lukyanov) Run #2 (SOLD OUT)


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Hi! :cool:

Austin Neil Dowdy (1).jpg

Photo by Austin Neil Dowdy

I want to produce a little more. Especially after one of these was sent to mr. Ray Park :p
The most accurate hilt on market for now.

All the info is in the google form (the link below). Also you can see the photos made by customers in this form.

I'll make the chassis (2x18650, proffie, bluetooth, 2 speakers) right after i get new Proffie boards.

Makoto Tsai (installed) (1).jpg

Photo by Makoto

It will be a limited run, the ordinary price is 300$ for an empty hilt + 25$ shipping worldwide.
The prepayment for the order will be $150 per hilt (via PayPal). The rest of the funds ($175 shipped) will have to be transferred on the readiness of the whole run to be shipped.
The hilt will be manufactured at the plant on high quality equipment. Sending will come from Russia.

1. The orders will be accepted from 13.10.2019;
The deposit for the order will be $150 per saber. The rest of the funds will have to be transferred on the readiness of the whole run to be shipped.
2. Production finishing - mid November.
3. Sending all orders - the end of 2019/jan 2020.

Important information:
I can accept payment on PayPal
About the refunds: I value my reputation and among all the reviews you will not find a single negative. In case of any problem, I will immediately refund.

If you want some more information - connect me by DM/email/facebook.

If you want to buy it - please fill in the order form. There are also photos and additional information.
>>> ORDER FORM <<<

If you want to know more about 1st run and some details about my hilt, check THIS THREAD
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