1. 2

    ZF-1 complete kit

    Been a long time working on this and might be time to pass the torch. The Fifth Element ZF-1 Marcelo Rulli original gun project-modified to fit Jakes electronics Jake Eaton electronics Fully opening rear sight and top sight mechanisms Dart door mechanisms with moving darts Original screen...
  2. Coinprop

    ZF1 build thread - picture intense

    I have wanted to build this things for SO long, and it’s finally time for me to get this over the finish line. Fifth element is one of my absolute favorite films. For over 10 years ago I followed the thread we had here at the RPF and many of the parts where identified. At the time I didn’t have...
  3. JakeySnakey630

    The Fifth Element ZORG Industries ZF1 build thread

    Hi all, I have spent the last 8 months looking at film stills, the Propstore ZF1 and generally any reference I can get my hands on to make one of these things. I speak of the ZF1 from Fifth Element. This is my first prop build and I am aiming to create THE definitive ZF1 replica. It will not...
  4. animatormatthew

    zf1 gun 1:1 scale 3d print just 4 parts