1. Spideywebbed

    Remove Screen Printing from Spider-Man Costume?

    Hello RPF! This is my first thread ever on this amazing website. I have recently ordered a TASM1 costume from printcostume.com, formerly known as ZentaiZone, and opted to have the screen printed emblems. However, a few days ago I came across a photo of someones printcostume TASM1 suit with...
  2. Peter Parke 67

    Need help finding some cheap spider-man faceshell & lenses

    Hi, so I am making my first cosplay ever and I've settled on a Peter B Parker from the into the spider-verse movie from ZentaiZone. I already have a few ideas for the jacket but since I am on a budget (around 100$) I haven't found anything for the faceshell and the lenses. What are my good...
  3. X

    suit arrival time?

    hi there,im brand new to the cosplay stuff and i just recently ordered the "Homecoming Leather Lycra Spiderman costume V2" from zentaizone,these are the options i chose for my suit No Lenses/eyes Default Raised Spider Emblems No Shoes(default) No Soles (default) Upgraded Thick Lycra...