1. King Jacob

    Dishonored 2 Rhino Gonolek Taxidermy

    I love the world design of the Dishonored games. Dishonored 2 has tons of interesting fictional taxidermy of the unique species of Karnaca. I wanted to try my hand at replicating one and thought this bird would be the most fun to have mounted on my wall! I sculpted the bird and branch from...
  2. ZombieDUG

    Animatronic Madame Leota Tombstone

    Hey everyone! I wanted to start a new build log to share with you my wife and I’s latest project, the animatronic Madame Leota Tombstone from the Haunted Mansion que at Disney World! This prop is fully sculpted by us in Zbrush and then 3D printed. The animatronics are custom made by myself and...