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  1. Enohado

    Ralph McQuarrie 1/24 Studio Scale 3D Printable Concept X-Wing

    Hello, I would like to share my McQuarrie concept X-Wing. I saw someone who designed one years ago but as it usually works, they were limited kits and long sold out/impossible to obtain, so figured why not make one. (Also I think the designer sold the files to EFX? Who in turn did nothing with...
  2. ChancellorsHand

    LAAT/C Gunship

    Here is my LAAT/C Gunship with AT-TE included! Got this 3D printed and a friend of mine painted it. Having this mode has always been a dream of mine because they didn’t come out with any models of this spectacular vehicle! So here it is, enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
  3. gabe3666

    Blast Shield X-Wing Helmet (EFX conversion)

    So I was rearranging my helmet display when I accidentally dropped my EFX Wedge Helmet and cracked it in several spots. :( I was going to just let it be and keep it on display since you can only see the cracks up close. Then a few weeks ago I came across a collector that was selling the EFX...
  4. Sithslayer78

    1:1 T-70 X-Wing Cockpit/Simpit

    Hello There! I've been planning on starting this build for 2 years now, but with the impending release of Squadrons and all this free time I have at home now, I thought it would be a perfect time to start. This is going to be a full 1:1 scale T-70 cockpit functioning as a simpit for space...
  5. Damazo

    Another Black Series Luke helmet

    Hi, It's my first post on RPF. But I read this forum since a while! I recently purchase the black series X-wing helmet to modify. My goal is to do a quick project so I decide to not repaint the helmet. I just remove the "decals" and the weathering by sanding with fine sandpaper. I also re-drew...
  6. TK1625

    My Dak Ralter Helmet

    Hey everyone. I know I’ve posted a few pics of the helmet paint jobs I’ve done, all those pics and more are posted here: AllGeek2Me But between commissions, I’ve slowly been working on a helmet for myself. I’ve been so busy with other things; this helmet is going on 3 months now. I’ve always...

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