xena warrior princess

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  1. AsgardBarbie

    Xena: Warrior Princess build

    This was a spare time build, so I figured I'd upload a thread for it when it was completed. I'm happy to say it was started last July, and I've finally finished shooting in it =) It took about 22 sq. feet of leather, all dyed with Fiebings dye. The corset was my own pattern, lined in a twill...
  2. Eris Delphi

    My Xena Costume (built by me)

    Hello! First post here on the RPF, though I've been poking around for quite a while. I made this Xena costume a few years ago and thought I would share it. I'll start with the good pictures of the final product, then I'll post my progress pics and share some things I learned along the way...
  3. V

    Xena's Chakram (Xena: Warrior Princess) - Complete - Updated 4/10/2016

    Someone asked me about building Xena's Chakram a while which I've been working on for a while now, but I thought this would be a good time to do my first build thread. I started by gathering reference images and whatever information I could find. Luckily the website...
  4. Jaedena

    Screen Used Xena Costume - Pic Heavy

    I have quite a big collection of screen used Xena costumes and props. I thought I'd share some pics of what I have. To start, here's a stunt double Valkyrie corset. As you can see from the attached photographs, the silver leaves have taken quite a beating and in some cases have been...
  5. xena10ares

    Xena Screen Used Props

    Here are some of my screen used props from the tv show Xena Warrior Princess... This is my metal "hero" dagger used by Lucy Lawless in season 4 of Xena This is the dagger used by Draco in the first episode of Xena The sword in the middle of this picture was used in MANY episodes of Xena by...
  6. The Death Curse

    Three of my most prized prop possessions. (Pic heavy!)

    Hello, all! It's been friggin' YEARS since I've made a post here, so I figured I'd begin by showing off three of my "holy grail" items I've managed to acquire in the meantime. First up is this supposed production-made (but unused) Robert Patrick "T-1000" foam-filled lifecast for Terminator 2...

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