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  1. R

    Classic Gambit

    I have been meaning to make a classic gambit for years. I finally hammered out some boots earlier this summer, so I decided to put the rest together. Here are a couple of good shots of the finished product followed by some in-progress stuff. The Boots and breastplate are 20g mild steel. The...
  2. D

    Magneto film and comic mashup

    Hello all, I've joined the forum to seek the advice of anyone who has some. Most of my work is sculpture but the other month I got the urge to build a helmet (for no real reason) and picked Magneto's and went for a mashup of the First Class helmet with comic colours. I was fairly happy with...
  3. T

    Help with Cylcops LED optic blast effect

    I am trying to wire/solder up two LEDs to put into a visor for a Cyclops costume. When I tried the battery with 2 LEDs they burnt out. Since the two lights will be right in front of my eyes and the battery near my temple, I do not want anything getting too hot. I have tried to use online LED...
  4. Soulinertia

    Limited Run WOLVERINE's Leather Belt Buckle KIT from X-MEN Days of Future Past

    After receiving some very enthusiastic praise over my handmade Wolverine belt buckle from X-Men Days of Future Past, I've decided to offer a small run of kits at a reduced price for those that want to save some money and do the work themselves, (I'm also offering completed buckles for those...
  5. D

    Steampunk Magneto Cosplay

    Hello all. I'm venturing out on a rather difficult project and I need the help of some who are far more knowledgeable on the subject. I'm looking for patterns, but I know not the names of some of the specific uniforms pieces that I'm going to make. I was wondering if anyone could help me out...
  6. D

    Wolverine Claw Replicas! Snikt!

    How's it going? Well this is my first post on here and my first costume replica so be gentle. I decided to create my own Wolverine claws because I really wanted to go as Wolverine for a Wizard World Con and while shopping around felt the others that I saw were either over priced, looked too...
  7. Blanco

    Gambit (early 2000s version)

    Gambit was my very first cosplay. I always liked the character. Like many comic book fans of my generation, I grew up watching the 90s cartoon and thought Gambit was a really character. Nowdays, I appreciate Remy Lebeau for his Cajun background. As an francophone Acadian from Canada, I relate to...
  8. A

    Foam costume help

    Hi again! I had some more questions on how to manipulate foam to create costumes! First of all I find it hard to cut corners and its nothing like using a scissor and its very tough to cut them. Also I'm creating a days of future past magneto costume some parts have these folds i'm not to sure...
  9. PoopaPapaPalps

    X-Men: DOFP Magneto's Bucket v.2 - FINISHED!

    I've been meaning to get this out of my system ever since the movie came out (and seeing it twice) and now that I've got some time from working on masks; I figured it's a better time as any to do it. I'm not crazy about the textures of the thing but the movie was good enough that it justified...
  10. Magnus Darcrider

    1973 Charles Xavier - X-Men: Days of Future Past

    AKA Charles Xavier - The Junkie Years :p I'm trying to source some of the clothes Xavier wears in the '70s in the latest film. Having difficulty sourcing the sunglasses and the shirt especially, but info on the other items would be great as well. Not easy to spot in this picture, but the...
  11. Jill Sowell

    30-minute Mystique makeup

    This was a quick makeup just for fun. I had planned to do this last Halloween, but went with a full zombie look. I have done a few other quick makeups using the contacts since they were not cheap, and this seems to be the most popular among my friends. It was done using just acrylic craft...
  12. donnydanger

    Magneto Helmet Build

    Hey guys here's is my first pepakura attempt, a classic Magneto... it turned out half decent I think and wanted to share. :) I used fiberglass and bondo for the main piece, then super sculpey for the trim and ornament. Whoa boy was it lots of sanding! But lots of fun to wear and it's rock solid...
  13. A

    Foam Help

    Hi RPF folks! I've recently been trying to make various foam items such as magnetos new costume and some iron man parts and I've faced a few problems that I need help with. The foam, whenever I cut it, has fringes and I can never seem to cut a straight piece of foam. This has been very annoying...
  14. R

    X-Men DoFP Magneto's sunglasses?

    Hi, This is my first post! I'm trying to find where I can buy the sunglasses Magneto wears in "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Here are two screen caps I got from a behind the scenes video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3OBhQizfJ4): Anyone recognize them?
  15. M

    MarioScenario Pepakura Projects

    Been a fan for 3 years now- I thought it was time I showed the various pepakura projects I've made. This is a place where I can share and show with other creative-minded people. I will add more pics when new projects are finished. I would like to credit all the RPF members who have released...
  16. N

    Magneto Days of Future Past Build

    This was my first attempt at anything pepakura and I must say I am now addicted. To start out I wanted to make a Magneto Days of Future Past helmet. I decided I wanted to use the Magneto First Class helmet as a base for my build. I started out with cutting and gluing the pieces together and...
  17. Griffith

    **HELP** Can you cast a completed painted armor piece?

    I am currently working on a Sentinel costume from X-Men. I would like to be able to at least wear the helmet for the upcoming X-Men film's premier, but I don't really have enough money or time to both complete and make casts of the helmet. SO what I am asking is if it is okay to make a mold of a...
  18. P

    pyro's lighter or am brace from x men?

    i couldnt seem to find anything on it on this site, but i was wondering if anyone has made their own? i had some vinyl decals made up a while back, but wasnt a fan of the way they turned out. if someone knew how to enamel bake the colors on like zippo does it or find a very durable way to put...
  19. JBReplicas

    X-Men Days Of Future Past Magneto Helmet NEW NEW PHOTOS!!

    I started work on this a few weeks ago and only now as better reference has become available have I been able to work in more accurate details and shapes. The sculpt is done with Klean Klay, in the next day or so I will be refining the details and adding the forged metal texture, then the...
  20. Indy Magnoli

    Interest X-Men Days of Future Past Wolverine 70's Leather Belt

    We're looking into doing a run of belts based on Wolverine's from DOFP. I'll post updates once the prototype is ready, including costs. Most likely, this will be around $75 or so (without buckle). Interest List: 1. fifthchamber 2. wikid of Oz 3. TheDodgeMan 4. TheWolverine 5. antman84 6...
  21. loly2kn2

    Magneto Helmet: Days of Future Past

    So I thought I'd have a go at making the new style Magneto helmet. Fairly happy with how it turned out. Sculpted from clay, then cast in fibreglass.
  22. G

    My collection of 3d models...

    I've been steadily making emblems of all different sizes and shapes. I have access to a 3d printer and have been regularly churning them out. I thought I might show them off. Captain America's shield... going to actually machine this out of aluminum. The Shield logo....printing this today...
  23. verdaera

    First Sculpt - Mystique Prosthetics

    I'm working on my first ever prosthetic piece. I've never sculpted before, so it's an experiment. So far it's going good, though I'm trying to whittle the scales down, they seem a little big to me. I'll post my progress, if anyone has constructive criticism, my ears are open :)
  24. claudeman

    Wolverine Claws

    Hi, A friend of mine asked me to build him Wolverine claws. The claws has to be done for the next evening... I went to the market. All I need was a PVC plate 3mm, screws, nuts and aerosol paint. I took the measures and cut out the 6 claws. After sanding and drilling the holes, I inserted...
  25. T

    X Men Days of Future Past Magneto Costume (Past)

    Hi all! My name is Jayden and I'm new here to the RPF, however I've been following a large amount of all your wonderful creations for many years now. I'd previously begun an Iron Man foam replica suit but never got around to finishing it. (May get around to doing it before Avengers 2 haha.)...

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