1. X-Men First Class

    X-Men First Class

  2. X-Men First Class

    X-Men First Class

  3. X-Men First Class

    X-Men First Class

  4. X-Men First Class

    X-Men First Class

  5. X-Men First Class

    X-Men First Class

  6. X-Men First Class

    X-Men First Class

  7. X-Men First Class

    X-Men First Class

  8. X-Men First Class

    X-Men First Class

  9. DangerousPerson

    X-Men Storm Costume, Steampunk Ororo Munroe

    Here are a few images of the first version of my Steampunk Storm costume!! I was inspired by Greg Land's version of Storm, and just free styled my own alterations and additions. I've only seen two other Steampunkish Storms, and they hare wearring gowns. I wanted my suit to be a bit...
  10. A

    has anyone attempted a life size x-men sentinel suit?

    i dont think anyone has ever attempted a life size sentinel. the giant killer robots that fight marvel comics x-men so often. i want to see the reaction people would have to such a sight. while i test out various designs, i think i will test out my skills on a mere head of a sentinel. so if i...
  11. F

    20h Iron Man build for a party.

    I thought I should introduce myself, I´ve been oogling this forums for quite some time in silence =) And the first thing I would like to do is excuse my bad english, I´m from Sweden so if I do offend someone inexorably I blame my english teacher, and apologize in advance.. Im just gonna...
  12. P

    (Another) First Class Magneto Helmet

    Hey all, first time poster here at the RPF, so greetings! Like several other people on here, I was a big fan of the helmet design in X-Men First Class...so naturally had to make one of my own. This is the current state of my build, a little more left to do on the sculpt but it should be ready...
  13. farscaper

    Resin repairs (broken cyclops visor)

    I've got an x-men cyclops visor replica, that I've managed to break the arm on. After advice on what the best glue/method to use to repair it? New to costuming, want to get it right first time - not fudge it. (Also have a spare, fan made one that I bought first - the quality is...
  14. O

    My X-1 prototype

  15. JBReplicas

    X-Men First Class Magneto Helmet Build **Casting Has Begun**

    Here I will document the progress on my 'X-Men First Class' Magneto Helmet, I started off with one of those cheap classic Iron Man helmets that pop up on eBay from time to time, once I'd chopped off all the bits I didn't need I set about building up the basic shape with cardboard, I then used a...
  16. RacerMachX

    magneto helmet x-men first class wip -End Game VS Shaw Build

    Hi, Here are some VERY ROUGH wip of the magneto helmet from x-men first class movie. I used a junk casting of the comic style magneto helmet to start the build. Rough grinding of the cast. cut outs removed. styrene strips was glued to layout the new trim...
  17. weaponx82

    Wolverine Claws v2.0 Kits Available for Sale Now 1/29/11

    I'm putting my Batman Arkham Asylum armor project (http://www.therpf.com/f24/batman-arkham-asylum-armor-progress-update-11-04-10-w-halloween-pics-84723/) on hold to go back to building my wolverine claws from scratch. I created a set a few years back which turned out well. But now I...
  18. GBFan57

    Planet Hollywood Las Vegas: X-Men 3 'Cure' rifle

    So me and a few friends decided to hit Vegas this summer, and got a really good deal to stay at the Planet Hollywood Caisno. Due to their giving our reserved rooms away, we ended up getting a Panorama suite. The suite had a Brett Ratner theme, and had props from several of him movies, mostly...