wood working

  1. TristanArtSD

    TOS Phaser 1 and 2 build

    Alrighty, time for my first build thread! Please bear with me as I get this started... I'm going to upload my photos at a medium size, I didn't see anything regarding size limits but I know my phone is a little crazy with photo size. Here we go! So a couple years ago, I started working on my...
  2. DaBuild

    HELLBOY II Big Baby Gun (build video)

    Hello everyone! Here's my latest build. Hellboy II Big baby gun! A massive piece of 3 kg. Mostly 3D printing, a loooooot of sanding, wood working, hand painting, leather working... It was a bigger challenge than I expected. Enjoy the watch and feel free check out (and like) the rest of the...
  3. Bacta

    Star Wars Scaled Scratch Build AT-ST (Grand Zillo Creations)

    Progress pictures soon but here is a teaser video on the build. The kids are going to have so much fun when this is done. And so am I. Build by Daniel S Jimenez Danny Jimenez, Pac Vargas