wolverine x1

  1. PrimoOptimoso

    Heron X1 Jacket

    Hey if my pricing is way off make me an offer - I haven’t been around much in the last few years! This is half what I paid for it when made. Custom Heron X1 made with the heavier, riding-weight leather. It was made for me, so it’s not going to fit you 6-foot Jackman-alikes out there. I am...
  2. Zoltar

    Legacy/Logan's Closet Vanson Wolverine X1 Jacket (40R)

    I've been on the look out for a Logans Closet/Lagacy Vanson X1 jacket to a 40R for a while now, anyone got one to sell or trade/downsize to a 38R? Cheers Zoltar