1. Wreav

    Wolf Predator Sideshow Head (Snaps)

    Pictures from Li Li on Facebook. Thought these would be important to future painters/sculptors who needed reference photos for their builds.
  2. XilianX2010

    Dragon Bio Design Concepts - Rough Sketches

    Hey all! It's been awhile since I've posted something here! I want to get back into making a Predator mask and bio helmet and I already had some designs in mind. I used PredtrHuntr's lineart as a template and sketched two "Dragon-Styled" bio helmets. (I love me some Dragons, so if I were ever to...
  3. Shredator

    Custom NECA bone grill predator figure

    Hey guys! Here are pics of my custom Bone grill predator. The bio mask was sculpted by Tadeo Solis( Yautja trophies) who did a phenomenal job on it. It was painted by me and the rest of the figure was also customized by me.
  4. vebo1

    My 3D Printed Predator plasma cannon

  5. vebo1

    My wolf ,P1, Berserker predator , Halo,vacuum form w.i.p

    Working on the body . The muscles needs to be shaped. A 1/4" thin foam will be laided over the entire suit then latex will be ap
  6. wunderpicka

    My wolf progress :)

    My progress on my wolf costume ive been working on i cant wait to get a full suit and all the extras :D Mask made by chuck :D The bio beads, and dreads are made by Casey
  7. StatuesFigsMore

    Narin 2 Guns Cleaner Wolf Predator Statue

    Review video of my Narin 2 Guns Cleaner Wolf Predator Statue Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to comment or give feedback or suggestions. ENJOY!
  8. Sword


  9. Sword


  10. Sword


  11. Stunt Axe

    Stunt Axe

  12. Stunt Axe

    Stunt Axe

  13. Stunt Axe

    Stunt Axe

  14. Stunt Axe

    Stunt Axe