1. DaveChaos

    Unlimited Run Metal Witcher Medallion

    Hi all I have recently finished my take on the new Netflix series Witcher Medallion as seen in season two. I'm doing the run via my website for ease of purchase and for my my own sanity on tracking the orders. Each one is hand cast in pewter, which gives a nice weight to it. It is then...
  2. A

    Witcher TV Show Sword

    Can anyone help me identify the measurements (blade length, blade width, crossguard width, grip length, grip width) for the sword pictured here? I was told you guys are legends at this kind of thing.
  3. a438980

    Witcher Medallion (Game Version) - Gryffindork Review

    Posting another prop replica review video. This is for the Geralt's Witcher medallion as seen in the video game series versus the one made for the Netflix series. I also talk about the Witcher franchise a bit, since it seemed interesting to me when I did a little research for the review video...
  4. gingerygrace

    Triss Merigold pendant replica, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

    Hello everyone! First of all - I am not a cosplayer, costumer or a cool prop maker, but I love games and crafting. After years of searching for Triss Merigold close to game pendant, I noticed, that.. there are few versions - cheap from China, a little bit overprice from Russian makers( I am...
  5. Terry Lyons

    Wolf Medallion, The Witcher 3

    With my usual slow pace of completing projects, it’s nice every once in a while to work on something smaller that can be completed in a more reasonable time-frame. Making more Witcher props has been on my list for a while, and the iconic Wolf Medallion is a great companion piece for my Wolf...
  6. CSJLeather

    Witcher 3 Feline Leather bag

    Handmade Leather Cat school gear belt bag from the witcher 3. I had a great time making this, getting the pattern by measureing the bag on my TV while the game was running, counting the stitches to make it a close to the ingame version as posible. I have a DIY video on my youtube channel (link...