1. A

    Witcher TV Show Sword

    Can anyone help me identify the measurements (blade length, blade width, crossguard width, grip length, grip width) for the sword pictured here? I was told you guys are legends at this kind of thing.
  2. a438980

    Witcher Medallion (Game Version) - Gryffindork Review

    Posting another prop replica review video. This is for the Geralt's Witcher medallion as seen in the video game series versus the one made for the Netflix series. I also talk about the Witcher franchise a bit, since it seemed interesting to me when I did a little research for the review video...
  3. gingerygrace

    Triss Merigold pendant replica, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

    Hello everyone! First of all - I am not a cosplayer, costumer or a cool prop maker, but I love games and crafting. After years of searching for Triss Merigold close to game pendant, I noticed, that.. there are few versions - cheap from China, a little bit overprice from Russian makers( I am...
  4. Terry Lyons

    Wolf Medallion, The Witcher 3

    With my usual slow pace of completing projects, it’s nice every once in a while to work on something smaller that can be completed in a more reasonable time-frame. Making more Witcher props has been on my list for a while, and the iconic Wolf Medallion is a great companion piece for my Wolf...
  5. CSJLeather

    Witcher 3 Feline Leather bag

    Handmade Leather Cat school gear belt bag from the witcher 3. I had a great time making this, getting the pattern by measureing the bag on my TV while the game was running, counting the stitches to make it a close to the ingame version as posible. I have a DIY video on my youtube channel (link...