winter soldier

  1. JKRIB

    ArtFunk 24'' Captain America Shield TWS Fiberglass

    $465 + shipping (Based on your location) This shield was part of a limited run by ArtFunk. Design is accurate to the MCU Captain America shield. Battle damage is in the style of "The Winter Soldier" movie. Made of fiberglass with leather straps on the back. Size is 24 inches Weighs 6 pounds...
  2. N

    Winter soldier codebook

    Ever since I have watched the winter soldier I have wanted to make a copy of the red codebook and a copy of the secret file, but I am having issues with trying to find decent screengrabs for this. does anyone know where I can find any, any printable or if there is someone who creates these as a...
  3. Order66

    Winter Soldier 1.0

    Hey guys, it's been years since I've been here. I thought I would say hi once more by sharing a few pics of my Winter Soldier from 2018. I'm calling this 1.0 because there are some things I want to do to it but I've been so busy with work and other projects that I haven't really had the time to...