white collar

  1. A

    Want to Buy Any props (real or made) from Ferris Bueller's Day Off or the TV series White Collar

    Just throwing out a hook here, I really enjoy both pieces of entertainment and would like to see if anybody has any props that were in the original pieces or that they made themselves and are willing to sell. Thanks for the time.
  2. E

    White Collar - Ark Cameo!

    Hey guys - the 2nd episode of this season's 'White Collar' TV show on USA threw in an interesting visual. Two of the main characters have a warehouse full of priceless art & antiquities obtained from a sunken Nazi submarine. They set up a remote camera so they can look at their 'teasure' on...
  3. indianeagle

    paper props for white collar

    like to know if anyone has made or has a photo of the id cards from tv show white collar? peter burks fbi id and neal caferty's consultant id? also if anyone is interested i just added a new prop item to my collection. it is screen used from white collar buissness card used bye actore tim dekay...