1. GrassRootsMaker

    Building a Warhammer 40k Plasma Pistol

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post (but probably the first prop I'm proud enough of to publish too). I built a Warhammer 40K Plasma Pistol with LED Animations I also added a build video to my YouTube Channel, Grass Roots Maker. Hope you like it (and subscribe), I'm really...
  2. Female Space Marine by castpixel

    Female Space Marine by castpixel

  3. g0rb

    Scratchbuilt mixed-media Fire Raptor

    Hi all, I've been working on a scratchbuilt Fire Raptor. The main construction is done, and the assembled interior is painted, but I still have some detail to put on the outside before I can start painting it up. The main build log is over at papermodelers.com, so I'll only post an excerpt of...