1. Kiwimaddog

    Weta resin Moose-kit [Finished]

    Hi :) Just finished my Moose-kit and I loved the build from start to finish. I've added some printed part such as the grenade-shells, the casings, the Police droid sawed off leg, the scorpion and sand-lizard and some missing parts not were missing from my kit on the minigun. Came out pretty...
  2. L

    Weta Master Swordsmith's Collection - Glamdring

    Hi All, I am looking to buy the Weta Workshop Master Swordsmith's Collection version of Glamdring and the accompanying scabbard. Please let me know if anyone is currently or ever looking to sell. Kindest Regards, Legolas
  3. aMaZeInG

    Want to Buy WETA District 9 Gas Projector Replica Life Size

    I have the arc generator and the assault rifle and have been looking for the Gas Projector from WETA. I am based in the UK with 1,400 positive feedback on ebay and happy to pay via paypal or bank transfer. Thanks so much for your help in advance :)
  4. M

    Dr Grordbort's Manmelter 3600ZX replica

    I've been a fan of Dr Grordbort's rayguns from Weta ever since they were originally released, the Manmelter in particular. (Un)fortunately I was never in a position to buy one when they were available. We all know what Plan B is. I started this around new year and had every intention of...
  5. Assault Rifle from The Art of District 9

    Assault Rifle from The Art of District 9

    This comes from the art book, however there are a few inconsistencies with the on-screen version. Watch the movie for the official, but this is closer than the concept art.
  6. Assault Rifle Concept

    Assault Rifle Concept

    The concept art by Broadmore, details the length of the gun which is really helpful, but there are a LOT of inaccuracies for screen version. Don't use this for final template if you want screen-accurate. But its great for sizing.
  7. Assault Rifle official prop

    Assault Rifle official prop

    This is the official A.R. Weta replica.
  8. Gas Projector gun prop

    Gas Projector gun prop

    I believe this is an official Weta replica.